Blog Post 1- Hello!

The purpose of the Hello lesson was to teach how to print text and navigate folders, as well as compile code to run.  It introduced a tool to assist with coding called "help50", which proofreads for problems and makes suggestions.  I learned all of these things, but I accidentally got rid of the terminal.  When I reloaded the workspace, it didn't let me do anything at all.  So, I created a new one and redid the work.  Other than this, I ran into no problems.

Impacting Innovation Interview

For my interview, I chose my grandfather.  When I asked him, he took a good while to decide which innovation to chose from.  Being the dedicated music fan he is, he eventually landed on the cassette tape. "When the cassette tapes came out in the stores, I was a young man." he said.  "They weren't so great, but it was a whole lot neater than the records we were using." He went on to explain that they eventually improved, and although CDs eventually came out they weren't quite as "physical".  It wasn't what I expected him to choose, but he was able to listen to music much more easily and it was what helped him to decompress in times of stress.  At the time, he was in and out of work frequently as a plumber and this was a weight on his shoulders considering he was supporting a very full house.

Innovation that has impacted me

The computing innovation that has had the most impact on my life is the screen.  From a young age, I and most other kids I knew were heavily exposed to many forms of media on the TV or computer.  Screens are everywhere!  They have become overstimulating to most people, who have become used to the constant flow of visuals and information.  Not having a screen available (TV, phones, etc.) tends to give people living around technology some level of separation anxiety.  Although information is readily available through many forms of technology that use screens, it has made people needy for stimulation.  I myself feel the need to have some level of constant information coming at me, and I believe that it was due to the introduction and growth of the level screens are common.  I watch music videos/podcasts on the side while I work, and with my downtime I gravitate towards shows or games because I am so used to the over-stimulation brought by screens.