Create Task Day 10

1. Today, I finished all functions and endings, and added functions for when you win or die that ask if the user would like to play again.

2. The code I wrote today consisted of several choices with yes/no or left/right choices.  Each of these choices either leads to the dead() function or a resolution.

3. I ran into a problem where the names for my choices and paths were too similar, confusing me and consequentially making me mix up the functions I call in the code I wrote.  After realizing this, I read through everything and renamed/reorganized the functions and choices.

4. On a 1-10 scale, I am at an 8.

Create Task Day 8

1. Today, I finished the second posts for each path.  I also began introducing the new choices for each path, some of which are dead ends.

2. I picked up today where I left off two days ago, where I had finished the paths choiceL() and choiceR().  Each of the new choices stemming from these have one option that is successful and one where the user fails.

3. Instead of using elif for the second part of the choice functions, I first used else twice.  It didn't work correctly, and after looking over the code I noticed my problem and was able to fix it.

4. On a 1-10 scale, I am at a 5.5

Create Task Day 7

1. Today, I completed both the left and right functions for the first choice and my game and began the introduction of the second choice.

2. I finished choiceL() and choiceR(), which were explained in the last daily report.  To go into a bit more depth, the left choice has a good path and the right has a bad path.  The choices at the end of each path still need to be written.

3. Today, I was unable to get some of the text to print with the bold attribute.  I realized after reading over the code that I had typed attrs=[bold] instead of attrs=['bold'], and after rewriting it correctly it worked as intended!

4. On a 1-10 scale, I am at a 5.

Create Task Day 6

1. Today, I finished the left path for the first decision.  I also began the right path for the first decision.

2. I wrote choiceL(), a function that is used when the user picks the left path for the first decision.  choiceR(), the right path's choice, was also begun.  Both paths are somewhat identical, but will differ with the next two decisions to be made- the second being the final.  Each choice consists of colored text and time.sleep() lines to time each line apart.

3. Nothing really went wrong today because of how similar it was to what I had written previously.

4. On a 1-10 scale, I'm at a 4.

Create Task Day 5

1. I added the first choice function today.  I also began writing the functions for either option that is given in the choice function.

2. My first choice function, choice(), prints a few lines for the context for the choice and asks the user to pick one.  If they do not type either "L" or "R", the program prints a message telling them that the input is invalid.  I also began writing the code for each choice's path.

3.  A problem I ran into today was that I returned to my program and found that a fair amount was missing!  Yesterday's problem was still solved, but a chunk of the print lines were missing.  I must have forgotten to save the code, but it was fine.  I rewrote some code and moved on!

4. On a 1-10 scale, I'm at a 3.

Create Task Day 4

1. Today, I finally fixed the problem where my code asked the user twice in a row for their name.  I also added text with attributes and color.  I began the code for the first choice in the game.

2. I tried putting name = get_name() in a number of places in the code in an attempt to fix my problem where it asked twice for the user's name.  It didn't work, but through experimenting with its relocation I found my problem.  I didn't need a line of code, and upon deleting it the program worked how I wanted it to.  After I resolved this issue, I added some color and attributes to a couple of lines and added more print lines.

3. A problem I came across was talked about in part two, which was the repetitive inquiry for the user's name.  I played around with putting name = get_name() in different spots and realized that it wasn't even the part that needed changing.  After replacing get_name() with name = get_name(), I had no problems.

4. On a 1-10 scale of progress, I am s…

Create Task Day 3

1. Today, I continued the development of the functions I have already made.  I went over them to refine and debug some details.  I began the function ch1(), which will give the player their first decision.

2. First, I rewrote get_name() in an attempt to get the function to stop asking for the user's name twice in a row.  So far, I have not solved the problem.  Instead of banging my head on a wall about it, I moved onto ch1().  So far, it just has some dialogue which calls for name- which is called for in get_name().  I would like to use some colored text with bold and italic formatting, but I will add these parts in after the whole function is written.

3. My code asked the user for their name twice in a row.  I tried fixing it looking up ways to prompt the user for a string.  I was unable to fix the problem, but I should be able to work it out tomorrow.  I may end up ask for some help from a classmate.

4. On a 1-10 scale of progress, I am at a 2.